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Your cash donation is making Calvary's Mission Possible!  Thank you!

Fund A Need 2021-2022
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Your contribution will help fund a need at Calvary!  This past year, we were able to purchase picnic tables for the kids to use outside, a funnel ball game, Chromebooks and Laptops for Students, COVID protection items, and SmartTVs for each classroom.  This year, we look to fill more needs.  Thank you for your contribution!

Church FundANeed 2021
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This year, the Church Fund A Need will be focused on the completion of the Thate Hall Memorial.  We will focus on the addition of furnishings and chairs.  Additional Fund A Need proceeds will be focused on construction of the basement restroom, tile, drywall, lighting and fixtures.  The Church has been blessed with the renovations in Thate Hall and the Fund A Need additions will support the long term use of the space.  

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